Water coming out the ceiling is perhaps one of a homeowner's worst nightmares. However, when it comes to home maintenance, many people forget the roof. This is despite the fact that the roof protects everything in your house. It is also a costly investment that deserves delicate care for maximum returns. Here are four things you can do to help your roof serve you longer.

Regular Inspection

Get ahead of problems by inspecting your roof regularly. This is a preventive step that is easy to overlook but critical if you want to save yourself from expensive repairs.

Walk around your house and check from the ground up. Use a ladder for a close and personal look. Walking around on your roof is risky and could damage your roof.

Note areas with algae, moss, and piles of debris and leaves. These are likely to cause leaks. Check for curled, buckled, aging or missing shingles, which make your roof susceptible to weather damage.

Check for open joints or rotting signs on the roof overhangs and gutters. Many times these point to more complex problems. If you have an attic, confirm that there is no water penetration under your roof.

Consider hiring a professional roofing contractor to perform a bi-annual inspection. If you live in an area with extreme weather, you may want to have your roof inspected by a professional more often. A roofing contractor's eye is trained to pick out even the smallest concerns that you could easily ignore.

Clean Up

A wet basement or damaged paint are some warning signs that your gutters may be clogged. If leaves and debris accumulate in your gutter, the water could flow upward and rot your rafters and roof sheathing. Using a ladder, you can quickly reach your gutter and clean up any accumulation, or hire a pro if your house is too big.

Use a soft brush, roof leaf rake, or a leaf blower to clean off leaves if your house is near or under towering trees. Accumulated leaves will trap moisture, rot, and create a perfect ground for weeds on your roof. They will also attract more moisture to the roof.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your roof regularly ensures you stop problems before they become irreparable, forcing you to replace an entire roof. You also help your roof do the most important job, which is to protect you.

For instance, if your shingles have lost texture due to granule loss, they can no longer protect you against storms, and they need a replacement.

A damaged counter flashing and deteriorated sealant make your attic and roof very vulnerable to water damage. Fixing them on time will keep you from needing a replacement.

Using a Professional for Repairs

You are better off entrusting your roof's maintenance to a professional contractor. Using the wrong techniques and material can escalate a minor issue to a costly problem. You also save money by solving problems comprehensively.

For instance, a roofing pro will test your drainage system to determine why water is not draining from your roof correctly before rushing to replace the gutters. If your slope is uneven, temporary fixes will not help a draining problem.

Installing heavy equipment on your rooftop also requires expertise and experience, as poor installations can damage your roof.

You can prevent most roofing problems by inspecting your roof often and having your contractor maintain it routinely. However, whether you are installing, cleaning, or replacing a roof, it is paramount that you work with a professional for safety, excellent results, and durability of your roof.

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