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The owner Robert was extremely helpful and did everything he could to take care of me and my family through what we thought might be a difficult renovation. But nope everything went so smoothly and was done from the first time we met to the roof being completed within 2 1/2 weeks. I was amazed.

Alex Martin, 06/26/2019

Roof looks wonderful. The job was done properly and didn't take long at all. What more could I ask for? A great company all around would highly recommend it.

Joshua Mcnight, 06/26/2019

Wonderful new gutters and roof. So pleased with the job American Renovations LLC did.

Ray Martinez, 06/26/2019

American Renovations LLC did a wonderful job with my roof. from start to finish everything was so easy and my roof looks wonderful.

Mission Lancer, 06/26/2019

I have used American Renovations LLC for two roofing jobs and found them to be top-notch. They are courteous, answered all my questions, and were very professional in their approach to completing the job. I found one roofing nail after the job was completed and it was behind a bush that I was trimming! Goodness, considering the amount of nails that were removed and used, I was pleasantly surprised there were not more. I will continue to use and recommend this company. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Gil Huggins, 10/26/2018

I live in Sacramento and I was approached by a roofing company claiming to be affiliated with this company, after doing my homework I got hold of Mike and he schooled me on the scam happening here in California. I highly recommend the real company for its honesty and especially Mike. I trust the real American Renovations LLC.

Hason Morris, 10/26/2018

“Robert Storey” is a TRUE and LEGIT businessman! The exact situation that happened to proceed with this conclusion is too long to explain. But without giving his company any money I believe can be trusted.

Anthony Kirby II, 10/26/2018

American Renovations LLC just completed re-roofing our home. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole job from start to finish. Clean up was excellent, you can't even tell anyone was there. Definality would recommend them to anyone.

Jessa McLane, 10/26/2017

These guys just came and replaced my roof in less than 1.5 days. Mr. Storey was very patient, gave me options, and genuinely displayed good business ethics. Thanks, American Renovations LLC.

Tara Kier, 10/26/2016

I was looking for a good roofing contractor in Fair Play, SC due to the fact I needed to have some shingles replaced on my roof. I spoke with Robert and he gave me a great price. I scheduled the work and it was completed on time. There was no mess left behind. My roof looks great thanks to American Renovations LLC. I recommend Robert and American Renovations LLC to anyone who needs roofing work done.

Ace Clifford, 10/26/2014

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